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Medical Legal Services

We take pride in helping clients from all walks of life with the best medical legal services.

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Our clients' bottom line is our top priority. We are in constant communication with the people we serve and are committed to advancing the immediate needs and wants of our clients. Our team works around the clock to provide the necessary services and support that each client needs from us.

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Our Main Services

Medical Chronology

We organize and summarize your Medical Records In Chronological order. We create a concise and accurate Medical Chronology created by Medical professionals with knowledge and experience in the medical field.

Medical Narrative Summaries

We provide narrative summaries in chronological order of the major events that define a case. Medical terminology is explained. Case strengths and weaknesses are identified.

Providers list

We provide list of medical providers, facilities and date where the services were provided.

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Our Services

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Medical Chronology

Medical Narrative Summary

Providers list

Deposition Summary

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Missing Records Identification

Medical Translation

Medical Timeline

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Excellence is our goal!

Why you should hire our firm.

Our Services are provided by experienced medical Professional Legal consultants, providing accurate high quality medical reports.

We help attorneys and IME save time by providing concise medical reports with the most relevant events for the case.

We aim to extract relevant health information from the medical records providing reports that are easily understood by those with no Medical background.

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